Where  Your Unconscious Fear of Success Meets the Fearlessness of Your Soul

“My Legacy” & “Moments Of Impact” Is Our Gift To You And Your Legacy.

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...a few moments out of your already stressed, perhaps too busy to realize you’re already overwhelmed day and take inspired action to craft a legacy you love while doing what you love. 

If you’re reading these words, the answer is probably a resounding YES! 

With that in mind, we want to honor your commitment to being here by providing you immediate access to the "My Legacy" and "Moments of Impact" workbooks. These two life-altering workbooks are the basis for our new Love Your Legacy Now coaching program and course. 

What exactly is your legacy?

Is your legacy based on other people’s opinions of you? 

Is your legacy what someone chooses to write about your accomplishments? 

Or is your legacy what you choose to write for yourself right now?

You’re moments away from finding out the answers to these questions if you are willing to take... 

This 21-page downloadable, editable PDF is not only a roadmap for crafting a legacy you love, it is the foundation of our Love Your Legacy Now coaching program and course.

You’re not one-dimensional and neither is your legacy. There are many ways you can create, live and demonstrate your legacy, but all roads lead back to you and the choices you make.  Therefore, when  you learn to consciously align your choices with your legacy, your life and career radically and profoundly change for the better.   

The multi-layered approach we have arranged for your My Legacy workbook will take you deeper into your life’s purpose than perhaps you have ever gone before.  In this groundbreaking workbook, we guide you through a series of exercises and questions to discover what your legacy looks and feels like so you can make better choices for the life and career you desire and deserve. 

This downloadable, editable PDF helps bring clarity to developing a legacy you love.  In this 17-page workbook, we guide you through a detailed, reality-based process for consciously recognizing critical moments in your life that you know must change, and how to break free of them...once and for all. 

This is not easy, which is why this workbook is one of the most important pieces of the Love Your Legacy Now program.

We all experience moments of impact, both in our personal and professional lives. The reason they’re so difficult to break free from is they represent the key that opens the door into the unknown. 

Stepping into the unknown is where real, deep level change in your life happens. This requires trust, responsibility, and acceptance of your life’s purpose.  It's also the moment where you create the legacy you love when it matters most; which is right now.  

The “My Legacy” Map

 “Moments of Impact” 


To write, live, and love your legacy in your words and on your terms

Where to take aligned and inspired action towards defining your legacy

How to love your legacy by gaining clarity on what matters most to you

New and empowering ways to discover what your legacy looks and feels like

How to identify your moments of impact and what is required to accept them

Steps for taking swift and inspired action to break free from repetitive moments of impact

Where to look for addictive behaviors that are keeping you stuck in painful experiences

Our 4-step process for gaining clarity on your moment of impact and aligning it to your legacy

What does legacy mean to you?

How do you want to be remembered?

Is there a difference between living your legacy and loving it?

Despite what ‘they’ tell you, your legacy isn’t just something you leave behind after you retire or even after you’ve passed on from this life. Your legacy also isn’t wrapped up in money, job titles, relationships or even achievements.

Your legacy can be an inspired way of living that celebrates everything you lovingly create and enjoy each day of your life. Before we can even begin the process of sharing with you how to love your legacy, and what you can do to give yourself permission to enjoy your success, we need to be 100% upfront with you about something that is rarely talked about openly. 

The Dirty Little Secret About Success & Legacy 

No One Wants You to Know About  

You can buy books that teach you the habits of high performing people or attend programs that show you how to implement those so-called “fail proof” systems for success. What they will not prepare you for is what comes after the successful results you may get from following their habits or system. 

Few people are going to share with you the dirty little secret of success and legacy.  We will. 

The dirty little secret of success and legacy is that it’s uncomfortable and rarely delivers sustained fulfillment if any joy at all.

At first, this may be difficult to accept.  We ask you, though, to consider the moment you achieve a big goal or find yourself living your dream.  How much time do you have to enjoy your success? Not long. That’s because the pressure of building on what you accomplished or sustaining it immediately sets in. 

Once that pressure enters your awareness, and your body feels it, you start doing whatever you can to release the pressure. This might get you to focus on your next goal, but it also takes you out of the present moment and further detaches you from the joy you felt with your success.  

At this point your legacy is no longer enjoyed. In fact, unbeknownst to you, your mind and body is being conditioned to associate pain and uncomfortablenss with success. 

Success is uncomfortable because most people were not taught how to truly enjoy it. Most people were unconsciously conditioned to feel unworthy of success.

If you don’t know what’s waiting around the corner for you after you achieve your goals you will either sabotage your efforts or unconsciously allow others to disrupt your momentum and interrupt your joy. What happens then is you end up with an impressive legacy that you resent more than you love. If this hasn't happened to you directly, you likely know people that it has happened to. 

Love Your Legacy Now does what very few programs of its kind are willing to. We teach you how to undo the unconscious programming and conditioning of unworthiness. We accomplish this in a number of ways, one of which is by guiding you on where to uncover what is really holding you back from loving your legacy.  One way we do that is helping you get clear on what is blocking you from enjoying the incredible success you may already have achieved.

Think about how many books you’ve read, programs you’ve signed up for, or coaches you’ve hired to work with you that exclusively focus on helping you face the harsh reality of success? And we emphasize the word “reality” here.  Probably not too many.  You know why? 

One major reason most of this isn't spoken about openly is that emotional, mental and financial breakdowns, overwhelm and feeling unworthy or unhappy as a result of your success doesn't sound appealing or feel good.  In other words, it's not sexy or glamorous.

The prevailing belief in the self-improvement and coaching industry is that if you let people in on the dirty little secret about success, no one will want to buy your book, attend your seminar or sign up for your coaching program. 

We don't believe that's true. In fact, we're basing our reputations, time, and financial resources, on the belief that people want the truth. More than that, we believe you can handle the truth.  

The reality of success is not sexy or glamorous.  

This brings us to the other dirty-little-secret of success.

It’s called Tribal Shaming.

Tribal shaming is where people start covertly and overtly firing arrows at you in an attempt to bring you back down to a level of success that makes them comfortable. These aren’t just the ‘haters’ or people jealous of your success. 

More than you may want to admit, but the same people who supported you and were cheering you on as you climbed the ladder of success, are almost always the same people who will fire the arrows you don’t see coming.

To put it bluntly, your personal growth and your success in business and in life threaten the status-quo, both on a micro and macro level. You absolutely need to be aware of this otherwise you will not be prepared for what comes next after you feel like you’ve “made it”. 

You might be strong willed enough to ignore the initial arrows, but the ones you don’t see coming will hit you in the places that hurt the most. When that pain kicks in, to stop it you will unconsciously begin sabotaging your own success. 

You’re probably nodding your head right about now because you’ve either experienced tribal shaming first-hand, or you know people who have. Tribal shaming is systemic and happens in every area of life and business. 

Tribal shaming is the elephant in the room of success. So why isn’t it spoken of more openly? During the Love Your Legacy Now coaching program we answer that question and go deep into this phenomenon to show you how to unravel its multi-layered and wide-spread damaging effects. 

"Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself."

~ Anais Nin ~

Everyone Talks about Legacy and Success.

Few Teach You How to Love It. 

Until Now. 

Ja Marr is an author of three books, success strategist, keynote speaker and founder of Selling In Color.  He also enjoyed a 20-year award-winning career as a sales executive in the healthcare industry.

Ja Marr became disillusioned with the restrictive rules of the corporate game in his mid-30s. Courageously doing what many in his position dream about, but few are willing to do, he made a life-altering choice to forego numerous lucrative six-figure a year job offers to find peace as a father and fulfill his legacy as a best-selling author and keynote speaker.   

Since then, Ja Marr has had two books published, hosted the popular program, "Break It Down Brown" and launched Selling In Color, the world's most intuitive and profitable system for learning how to sell the way your customers want to buy. 

Peter is an author, breakthrough strategist, content advisor, and intuitive ghostwriter. For over 20 years he has worked with leading global brands, best-selling authors, professional athletes, Hollywood creatives and entrepreneurs on how to unleash their inspired voice and awaken the power of their message. 

Peter had a stroke at the age of 37 while delivering a seminar in Los Angeles in 2008. This became his wake-up call to re-discover his true legacy and purpose. Soon after this life-altering health scare, he sold off his interest in multiple businesses, scaled back his public speaking engagements, and embarked upon a journey that led him to discover his Soul's purpose as a Unity Consciousness Activist. 

Today, Peter is the host of the podcast, "Unleash Your Inspired Voice" and the co-creator behind numerous online courses that focus on the evolution of human consciousness with an emphasis on bringing a more conscious minded, heart-centered approach to life and business. 

We're not here to teach you how to be successful or to tell you what your legacy is.

We're here to teach you how to become consciously aware of what can rob you of your enjoyment of success and get in the way of you loving your legacy.

For over 20-years, we've been inspiring audiences all over the world to unleash their inspired voice and love their legacy through our books, audio courses, training programs, and seminars.

Hi, we’re Ja Marr Brown and Peter Clark Nelson. It’s an honor to have you join us here on this page. 

As the co-creators behind the groundbreaking course and upcoming book, Love Your Legacy Now, we know all too well the difference between living a legacy and loving it.  We know first-hand what it’s like to achieve high-levels of success but not experience the fulfillment we thought would come with it.  And we know we're not alone. 

Now, it's time to bring what we've learned about success and legacy to the world so that others can learn the truth about what it really takes to enjoy success and love your legacy now.

We know from first-hand experience how easy it is to sell people on the idea of success. We’ve been sold on it as well. But the selling points of success and legacy are usually built on a false belief that living your dream delivers happiness and fulfillment. It can, but it rarely does.

We share this to let you know how your success can turn against you. There is, however, a replicable process you can learn to consciously take control of your life and career by crafting the legacy you love without sacrificing your happiness or the people you love. That’s where we come in.

Do what you love, and love what you do.

Align your legacy and passion with a life purpose so big that no obstacle could slow you down.

Create a work-life balance that works for you (not against you).

Love yourself enough not to be tripped up by the crippling effects of tribal shaming.

Enjoy your success – without the burden of guilt, stress or regret – like you always dreamed of.

Imagine Rewiring Your Mindset So You Can...

Do you know what the MOST IMPORTANT piece to the puzzle of success and legacy is? 

Most of us were never taught how to enjoy success. The idea that being successful is all about ‘sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears’ sounds more like a brand slogan for a war movie than it does about enjoying what you achieve. 

Honestly, we wish there was a Love Your Legacy Now coaching program available to us when we were coming up in the corporate world and later, when we started our own businesses. That’s one of the reasons we developed this. If we knew back then what we know today about success and building a legacy we love, we would have gone about things much differently.

When it comes to legacy, how many people do you know were taught how to create one they actually love?

Most people were not taught how to think about their legacy or value it until it’s too late to do anything about it. It’s why so many legacies that are passed on to family, friends and society are tainted with regret, shame and missed opportunities.

Although the traditional route to success and building a legacy is paved with regret, suffering, tribal shaming and disappointment, being aware of these pitfalls is the most important piece to your success puzzle. For what is the point of striving for success, if you don’t learn to enjoy the process of creating your legacy, let alone feel fulfilled when you achieve your biggest goals? 

What if you got an inside look at the unforeseen obstacles and unconscious thoughts that have derailed the joy of success for so many people?

As long-time friends and business partners, we have joined forces once again for our most important collaboration to date, Love Your Legacy Now.

Love Your Legacy Now is a revolutionary new coaching program and course which offers a reality-based approach for crafting a legacy you love and learning how to enjoy your success when and where it matters most.  

Comprised of nine modules, Love Your Legacy Now is for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to breaking free from your conditioned fears of success and overcoming other people’s opinions about your self-worth and legacy. 

What would this kind of information be worth to you?

Could you even put a price on that? Truth is, it’s priceless.

Addressing wide-spread challenges many people experience with success, but few are willing to discuss publicly, Love Your Legacy Now goes deep beneath the surface of society’s scarcity driven beliefs about what it means to create a truly fulfilling legacy. 

Love Your Legacy Now is much more than a coaching program that inspires and empowers you with insights for rewiring your mindset for success. Love Your Legacy Now is also a cautionary tale.

Having spent over two-decades rewriting the rules of success in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, we discovered the hard way that outside success means nothing if you’re not happy and fulfilled where it counts. 

During the Love Your Legacy Now program we will share our own personal stories with detailed lessons for how you can avoid falling into the trap of sacrificing your health, well-being, and sense of self-worth for an illusionary moment of success. 

Love Your Legacy Now is where the unconscious fear of success meets the fearlessness of your soul.

Peter and Ja Marr at the book launch party for Ja Marr's first book, "What's Your Sales Story?" in 2008.

Why is this important? Because…

If you’re like us, growing up you were probably told to:

Get a degree

Get a job

Sacrifice to get ahead

Build up your resume

Climb the corporate ladder

Or if you’re an entrepreneur you were told to:

Write a business plan

Sacrifice to get ahead

Create a sales funnel

Build a following of raving fans

Launch products and package your services

Or when it comes to your personal life you were told to:

Work on your flaws

Work on your body

Work on your relationships

Work on being a good person

Work on saving money for a rainy day

Long after you’ve retired or transitioned out of this life, 

your legacy is the part of you that lives on. 

Do you really want to leave your legacy and success up to someone else to define for you?

Download Your Copies Today and Start

Loving Your Legacy Now!

Download Your Copies Now!

“My Legacy” & “Moments Of Impact” Is Our Gift To You And Your Legacy.